Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest?

why does my cat lay on my chest

Cats are a mysterious species. You may not know why your cat lies on you, but there is a good chance that you have found this very comfortable and have been lying in the same position for hours at a time. Cats love to be close to their owners, and they want to feel safe. … Read more

How Often Do You Take A Cat To The Vet?

how often take cat to vet

We all know that cats require a lot of care to stay healthy and happy. But how often do you take your cat to the vet? If it’s less than once a year, then you could be putting your pet at risk for serious health problems down the line. In this blog post, we will … Read more

How Often Should A Puppy Poop?

how often should a puppy poop

Taking care of puppies can be difficult. You may be surprised to learn how frequently puppies have to poop. There are a huge number of issues that need to be addressed when it comes to puppies ranging from food to sleeping arrangements. One of the hardest problems to nail down is one that appears simple: … Read more

Why Does My Dog Get Hiccups

dog gets hiccups

Many people ask themselves, “Why does my dog get hiccups?”. We all know that dogs can get hiccups just like humans; however, we don’t know why they get them! In this blog post, we will discuss why dogs get hiccups. Hiccups usually happen when a dog eats too fast and swallows air and causes the … Read more

Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?

dog keep sneezing

Why does my dog keep sneezing Dog illnesses can be challenging to diagnose because symptoms vary between breeds, sizes, and individuals. Is your pup sneezing more often than usual? You may be wondering what’s causing this symptom. In at least half of cases, the illness is caused by a virus, but bacterial infections can also … Read more

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish?

dog smells like fish

Do you ever wonder why your dog smells like fish? You walk into the house, and that smell hits you. The smell is not that bad, but it is curious. This article will uncover why dogs have a pungent fishy odor and what can be done to help get rid of it. If they’ve recently … Read more

How To Soften Puppy Food

moistening puppy food

Softening Puppy Food Puppies like wet food. If you are reading this article, you probably already know that, but you may not know why. Puppies require higher protein and fat content than adult dogs; the best way to deliver these nutrients in a palatable way is to make sure they are soft (for example, by … Read more

Puppy Food FAQs

puppy food nutrition

How is puppy food different from regular dog food? There are differences between adult dogs and puppies, such as different energy levels, which influence their independent nutritional needs. Is it possible to know if you are feeding your puppy-food or dog food? Well, taking a look at the differences between adult dog food and dog … Read more

How Much Does A Puppy Vet Visit Cost?

Getting a new puppy can be a great experience for anyone. While raising your new friend from little up can be an adventure like no other. It’s important to realize that a new puppy comes along with a lot of responsibility. One of the most costly parts of our owning a pet is taking it … Read more